Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gothenburg and Australia Day

We're at our friends place in Gothenburg this weekend! Yesterday we went out for dinner to Nonnas, a really good italian restaurant. The food was lovely and I can really recommend this restaurant. Today we went shopping all day and tonight we're celebrating Australia Day! Our friends is also an swedish/australian couple so this morning we got heaps of aussie feelings with vegemite, I don't eat it but the aussies Chris and Steve loves it :) , Melbourne radio channel Nova and two australians in the same room :) Not often that happens for Chris :)
We went to the English Shop today here in Gothenburg and bought Skittles, Meatpies, Milk Duds, Vegemite and
Picnics chocolate. Perfect! Aussie candy , Aussie friends and Aussie food this Australia Day!

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