Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2 nights

Its only two nights left in our apartment on the third floor and then its time to come down to ground level :) Two days but it feels like a year!
I cant describe how much im looking forward to this! I cant stand even one more hour in our old apartment! Please give me Friday quick!!

Sneakpeak from our new area with the forest behind the houses and the ocean two minutes walk the other way! Its so peaceful out there!

Upside down

Chris is reading Herald Sun ( Melbournes tidning ) every day and yesterday he found some different photos from Melbourne. It's summer holidays in Aus now and this is not what you expect at this time of the year! Looks like snow but its hail. (Last two pictures)

But here in Sweden people finding mushrooms on their forest walk and thats really weird for December! The latest week we had temperatures around 10 Degrees! Not normal!
Its still very green here but this morning it was frost at least! Maybe its getting closer to SNOW! :)
(Photos from our walk 1-4)

Christmas Concert in Church

Me and mum went to church Monday night for my second cousins Christmas concert! It was magical! The church was full of people! Catrin was singing and her friend from New Zealand Rachel Fuller played piano.

Monday, December 26, 2011


We spent Christmas Day at my grandparents with my twin cousins and my uncle and his wife. It was more food and cakes :) It was so much fun. Then my mums cousin and his daughter Catrin came and joined us. Catrin my second cousin lives in London and is a famous opera singer. We will go to her concert today so hopefully I can post a video here!

Me my mum and my grandfather went for a refreshing walk after all the food! It so green here and no snow for Christmas this year! Hopefully next year! Last year it was heaps of it!

4 more sleeps then its time to shift into the new place! Can't wait!!!!!!

Some photos from yesterday at my grandparents.

Today we'll just relax and tomorrow its back to work a couple of days before New Years! I love my job so I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday with so much yummi food and presents and fun times with the family and relatives! Lovely lovely day! We didnt have any snow but frost later at the night :) Today Australia is celebrating their Christmas and we wish for all the best to all our family and friends for this special day!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Well hello there

Time for some blogging again! Its not long until Christmas now! We had some very very small snowflakes today but it started to rain after a bit. Today we have:

Packed some boxes ( 11 days until were moving)

Bought a very nice jacket to C

Watched Harry Potter

Went to have a look at our new place

Cooked Pasta Bolognese for Dinner (Chris) Very nice! :)

Now were just having a relaxed Sunday night and eating CANDY! Yum!

Here's some pictures from the Christmas market we went to last Sunday at Eriksberg. The IceHotel was there with the icebar and some icesculptures.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday again

We're going to a big Christmas market today so we will upgrade with some photos tonight! Some other pictures for now for you to watch! Time for some lunch and to pack some boxes. We had a little little bit of snow this morning! But now its gone again!