Saturday, March 28, 2009


Its Saturday and we had a relaxed and quite day here in Stockholm,
we did some cleaning but that's all.
Its still cold and some snow outside.

The new Club on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise had its opening night
on Thursday and we heard it was brilliant and a complete
success , that's good news and all the best for the future of course.

The nightclub name is Paradise Lost and they also got a homepage click here
if you want to have a look.

We just got of the phone to Chris mum and dad and they were on the Gold Coast still,
tonight Saturday should be another big night at the club. So they were going to the club
again to have a look around with Chris grandparents Bub and Detho THE BIG BOSS!

Cant wait to be there and see it for ourselves.

Here are some pictures from the opening night.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Snow again

Just when we thought spring was here
we got a hole lot of snow again.

Its just March but still, come on now, we need the sun on
this side of the planet now, you people down under have had it to long.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stockholm Horse Show 2008

We went to Stockholm Horse Show with my lovely auntie Karin and her lovely man Olof ( det kommer från hjärtat mina vänner :) and some of their friends.
We had the best time, here are some videos and pictures from that night!

This video is with the Aussie team, and they came 2nd in the competition !


Some pictures of my brown haircolour that Aussie family want to see ..

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Its weekend and we got off work
and that's perfect because mum and Arne is here this
They are going to a concert tonight and during
the day we probably have a look in the city,
and soon we will show them our forest walk and
the mountain where we always walk the dogs.

Here's a video from one of our walks
Sorry Ida is filming this clip so badly but its a video anyway.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aussie News

Daily News ! Heraldsun Victoria webpage is ....

...a good way for us to get information about
whats happening in Australia.

So far away, but still so close, internet is great :)


There is a date for P and Rs wedding!
And that means we will start planning our trip back
to Australia. It will be soooo wonderful to see everyone again, no word can ever
describe that feeling.
Ida will cry and cry and cry at the airport. Not Chris, oh no no no he will not cry.

The company we would like to fly with is Emirates !
A world class airline, with great food and brilliant service.
With lots of movies and games to choose from , jippiiee.
We have to fly from London, Heathrow or Hamburg, Germany because
Emirates do not fly from Sweden , hopefully one day they will !

A nice song to everyone :

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Temperature in Melbourne and Stockholm..

Today the temperature in Melbourne is 28° with a possible late shower..
It was the warmest summer in 100 years in Australia..

In Stockholm today the temperature was 5.7
°C sunny and clear..

The difference between the citys is 22.3

After a long cold and dark winter in Sweden we sure are looking foward to a
nice summer here..
And im sure back home in Australia they are waiting for some cooler nights
after a very dry warm summer..

Video clip!

Aussie people and snowboarding...
what can I say , theres not much bloody snow down under.
Take a look at the video below...

NO I'm just kidding.. he is really good at snowboarding!
Some of the jumps he did was awesome.
And they have some good mountains for snowboarding in Australia Victoria also,

Thats it, have to go there next time and check it out.

Sunny and spring feelings!

Its a sunny day today in Stockholm and we are
both having a day off from work!
That means,
sleep in, have a nice and long breakfast,
go for a long walk with our dogs in the forest, and just
relax all day long.
Chris made this lovely WOK yesterday with beef, egg noodles, vegetables,
garlic and some tasty sauce.
And I cant wait to have it for lunch today!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy people! Two lovebirds in Australia.
These pictures are from when we were working at the
fruit farms in Shepparton where Chris's family lives.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Chris is at work.
In The big GLOBE.
Stockholm Globe Arenas.
Lucky Lucky boy!
Its always something new ,Sport, Music, Dance Events.

Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Anastacia, Beyoncé, NHL, PINK, Metallica, Morrissey, Cliff Richard & The Shadows and more...

ACDC was there , and we were there with our friends.
Its a lot of things happening there and it sure will be
an interesting year!

The very very first from us!


This is an easy way for both of us to
show our families in Australia and Sweden
our daily life. Its an enormous distance between
Stockholm - Melbourne and its not always easy
but with this page we can publish pictures and videos
and its so easy for everyone to follow. Thank God for internet and
modern technology!