Friday, July 31, 2009


Thank's Sweden for

Afil (can't translate :)
Blabar (blueberrys from the forest)
Knackebrod (swedish crispbread)
Rakost (creamcheese with prawn taste)

I love my Swedish breakfast
and will pack my bag full of food so I have at
least 3 months breakfast supply in Australia.

( They will probably stop me at the quarantine station,
Melbourne Airport, and perhaps you will see me in the TV Show Boarder Security Australia
as the crazy Swede that will hold on to the crispbread for her life )

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


He's the boss in our family!

Tyson, his best friend in Australia.
Otus was the leader of the group, of course!

But he found a new mate here in Sweden, lookalikes!

Monday, July 27, 2009

3 months

Three months left until we touch the Australian soil,
until we breath in Australian air, until we hug people we love,
until we are surrounded by the Australian atmosphere,
until warm sunny Australian summer. 3 months.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Sorry friends, really bad update now,
we will be back as usual in a couple of days, promise.

Instead read the interesting " Island Caretaker Blog"
about Ben's adventures in Queensland. It's sure worth a visit.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Get the message

And the local animals, you don't want to mess with them :)

We found this sign driving out of Surfers Paradise to the Gold Coast Hinterlands on our way to the Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, to watch glow-worms late at night.
I'm about to write about that trip here in a moment or two.

Where the bloody hell are you ?

Soon...very soon..

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mount Teide

We hired a car one day in Spain
and went for a day-tour to famous Mount Teide in the middle
of the Tenerife Island.
It's Europe's highest volcano and the world's third largest volcano, 3718 m above sea level.
In 2007 Teide National Park was granted World Heritage status.

Teide had it's eruption in 1909 and has erupted every hundred years before that,
scientists and the President of Tenerife says that in the next 50 years it's expected there will be a volcanic eruption in Tenerife as during the last century it was once in every one hundred years.

1909 - 2009 hundred years exactly.

Lucky we didn't know anything about that before our trip :)
Well everything was calm and beautiful up there above the clouds.
Imagine a lunar landscape made by the flow of volcanic lava.

Star Wars and Planet of the Apes filmed some of the scenes around Teide and I can truly understand why (like I also repeated hundred times up there).

It was a really cool feeling to drive through the clouds.
Like a cold, weird, refreshing, thick kind of feeling.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Monday, July 06, 2009

Heavenly sunset

Date : June 20 ,2009

Location : Spain

June 20 1979 a lovely, wonderful boy was born in Shepparton, Australia.
30 years later on the exact day this picture is taken and an amazing day and night passes through.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Great Ocean Road Australia

Hello there!

Today I decided to show one of our top five favorite places in Australia,
a true pearl, special, romantic and a place that means so much to us both
and our relationship.
This might even be the place for a very special event in our life's.
You never know what's waiting for you around the corner.

Great Ocean Road Victoria, famous for it's magnificent
coastal routes and stunning scenery.
It's the coastline of south-west Victoria including the world-known "Twelve Apostles", The Hinterland, Bells Beach, Geelong, Lorne, beautiful waterfalls, rain forests and so much more.

The Apostles are carved by the seas and winds.
In 2005 one of the 50 m tall Apostle collapsed into the ocean and the rate of erosion around 2 cm per year means that more will collapse in the future.

The Twelve Apostles seen from one of the platforms.

The coastal road between Lorne and Apollo Bay, you can
watch the coastline while driving the 45 km between the two cities.

Near the start of the Great Southern Road between Torquay and Anglesea is one of Australia's most popular surfing beaches, Bells Beach, where the international Rip Curl Pro surfing competition is held.

We stayed in Lorne a seaside town located 140 km south of Melbourne.
Over 100 years ago the Victorian government declared Lorne
an area of ’special significance and natural beauty’.

Hopefully we will be back for a visit in November when it's time for
us to travel to Australia again.

For more information :

Photos : Ida

Bubble o' Bill

Best icecream in the world.
Go Aussie Bubble o' Bill !
Would eat one right now if we had it here in Sweden...

Friday, July 03, 2009

Australian Backpacking Hints

If your about to visit Australia and want some advice,
don't miss a visit to the Great Barrier Reef and Airlie Beach in Queensland.
We (me and my cousin) took a boat trip for two days and two nights
and it was a true adventure.
Our hostel in Airlie Beach was called Koalas a really nice
place that I highly recommend.
Cute cabins with a big swimming pool in
the middle, nearby the beach and the city center with nightlife, restaurants
and the harbor.

It was many different boats to choose from, but
we decided to go with SV Whitehaven.
Good choice!

Snorkeling - Do I have to explain snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef ? Probably not !

Bushwalking - we walked into the forest with all its wildlife, visited aboriginal art work in a cave
and beautiful waterfalls.
We had amazing views over Whitsunday Islands when we arrived at the top of the mountains.

Make sure you visit!

Boat adventure : 365 aus $ p.p

Photos : Ida


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Presents from Australia

It's always special when a package from
Australia arrives. And so it did on Christophers
birthday. Like always it was packed with love and
made us all cry when the letters were read.

Even if it's not my birthday I still
had something waiting for me in the box!
Thanks one more time for my clothes, perfect size!


35 people, family and friends, hiding in our backyard for birthday-boy Chris.
What a surprise!!
Very much successful, a brilliant party that will be remembered for a lifetime.
We did our best, thanks to everyone.
Mum and I were working hard in the kitchen all day with the food,
Chris was at the Go-kart lane with Ola and a couple of friends with no idea
what was going on at home.

I'm waiting for a movie from the night that Ola is supposed to
put together. Hopefully it's about to show up soon.

Good night!