Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mount Teide

We hired a car one day in Spain
and went for a day-tour to famous Mount Teide in the middle
of the Tenerife Island.
It's Europe's highest volcano and the world's third largest volcano, 3718 m above sea level.
In 2007 Teide National Park was granted World Heritage status.

Teide had it's eruption in 1909 and has erupted every hundred years before that,
scientists and the President of Tenerife says that in the next 50 years it's expected there will be a volcanic eruption in Tenerife as during the last century it was once in every one hundred years.

1909 - 2009 hundred years exactly.

Lucky we didn't know anything about that before our trip :)
Well everything was calm and beautiful up there above the clouds.
Imagine a lunar landscape made by the flow of volcanic lava.

Star Wars and Planet of the Apes filmed some of the scenes around Teide and I can truly understand why (like I also repeated hundred times up there).

It was a really cool feeling to drive through the clouds.
Like a cold, weird, refreshing, thick kind of feeling.

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