Friday, May 22, 2009

The country with DANGEROUS animals

Many people think of all the dangerous animals
that live in Australia when you mention the country.
I remember the first time when me and my cousin did our
very very first trip to the land down under. It was in 2006 and we went for
a six months long backpack trip to Australia.
We were very scared but excited about the trip.
Everyone kept telling us about the dangers about Australia.
It was phrases like :

" shake your shoes otherwise you will get
spiders in them, and don't forget to do it EVERY morning"

" please don't go in the bush, If you do make sure you wear high boots"

" are you sure you want to travel to Australia
what about all the dangerous animals, they can kill you and
they are everywhere. "

" you won't even be able to sleep I heard they have a lot
of spiders in their houses, what if they climb on you when you'r sleeping. "

and so on ....

okey this made us both so much more interested if this really was the truth.
We were soon able to find out that it wasn't true at all.

Okey Australia have some of the world's most painful and poisonous creatures and
of the top ten most deadliest snakes of the world, Australia has six from the list.
The list of dangerous animals :

(klick on the word to see information about the animals )

1. The Box Jellyfish
2. Irukandji (A Jellyfish)
Salt Water Crocodile
Blue Ring Octopus
Stone Fish
Red Back Spider
Brown Snake
Tiger Snake
Great White Shark
Funnel Web Spider

But its not as people think and describe it. I saw one spider inside a house, a really small one.
And not one snake on my first Australia backpack trip, oh yeah some in the Zoo.

Second time I was there I saw one dead snake on the road, it looks real so its a good photo to show friends, look here. haha.

And Chris was looking around for a very long time and finally he found a redback just so I could say that I saw one.

The second snake I saw was when me Pauline and Dora were on our way home from brunch at the Olive House , outside Shepparton.
It was crawling around in the city trying to find its way to the bush.

I was living in Australia for almost a year that time but didn't see more snakes or spiders.
In the beginning it was scary to go for walks by my self with the dogs in Chris family's fruit farms but after a while I had no thoughts about snakes anymore at my walks.

Well I actually saw one big ugly spider when me and my cousin were backpacking and was on a tour trip at Fraser Island, Queensland. It was late at night and we were camping out in the bush, when we went to the crappy toilets we saw one big hairy SPIDER under the sink.

But that was in the rain forest !

So my advice to everyone thats sitting at home and are scared of all
the dangerous creatures in Australia , GO GO GO!

And some last words :
No worries, mate!

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