Thursday, May 07, 2009

Best job in the world?

Ben from England is the lucky man that won over 34 000
applicants and now got what they call the best job in the world.
He will take care of some islands in Queensland, Great Barrier Reef.
What a splendid PR trick, well done Tourism Queensland!
Around $ 110 million in global publicity.
He will not just enjoy the stunning landscape and nature,
but also earn $150 000 for his six months contract.
Its on the news all over the world and i guess many will read
his blogg and videoupdates from the islands.
The advertising continues :)

Some of my pictures from Fraser Island, Queensland
and Great Barrier Reef :


  1. Hej Ida! :D Gu va roligt!

    Jag ryser när jag läser er presentation om er själva här på bloggen, så fint! :)
    Ja, vi kanske ses! :)
    Ta hand om dig och ditt hjärta!

    Kram/Alexandra, Kakhuset

  2. Hej Alexandra!
    Oh tack sa mycket gulliga du!
    Vi kanske kan traffas och prata lite strunt nagon dag innan du aker till Oz :)
    Mailar dej strax. Kram!