Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let us show you Sweden PART 1

Its time for a guided tour around Stockholm, all you need is a computer with internet connection.
Have fun!

Part 1
Photos from a boat cruise around central Stockholm.
Djurgarden Ferries transports about 2.5 million passengers every year
and its a part of the citys public transportation system.
We enjoy the boat cruises around the inner harbour, all the old buildings and
architects and the great knowledge you get about the
city. Its a pleasure a warm summer day.

The theme park in Stockholm, Grona Lund
a very popular attraction for kids but not quiet so massive as the many Australian theme parks.
But we like to spend a day looking around in the park once in a while.
They have tasty waffles with strawberry jam and whipped cream that you can enjoy in the sunset
like you see in the picture above.

The picture above is one of Stockholm's many museum, nordiska museet,
its Sweden's largest museum of cultural history.
I will add a longer contribution only about Nordiska museet later on in the blog.

Here you can see a part of Strandvagen, a very exclusive street in Stockholm.
With very expensive rents, and important celebrities as owners.

Last picture one of the many cute ferries .

Lets hope to see you here in Sweden, perhaps at a boat cruise.

All the pictures are mine , no copy's allowed. © 2009 Ida Claesson

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