Monday, May 18, 2009

Two places at the same time

Aaargghhh its so frustrating many times when you
have it the way we have it! I would never ever change it what so ever
but i just wish it was EASIER!!!
I wish it was 4 hours by plane, I wish we could see each other
more often, I wish I could show everyone in Australia all our favorite
places in Sweden and I want to show my family everything in aus, i want
my family and chris family to spend time with each other.
And I want to spend time with both our family's every second of the day.

I wish I had Paris Hiltons money and that i could fly with my dogs in the
airplane like she does with hers, or perhaps that I invented Microsoft.
Then we could fly up and back to Australia as much as we liked and
never would worrie about anything.
I dont want to complain, people have it so much worse than us, but
sometimes when people you love are so so so so far away it just makes you
cry when you think about it.

Im happy that I found the best family and that i have the best family myself.
And I hope we can find a way to see each other as much as we can!

Top Left : Dinner in Shepparton, Australia with Chris family
Top Right: Me and Dora in Paris
Left: John and Dora , Chris mum and dad at last years Europe trip
Right: Dora to the right and a famous lady they met in Austria , i think it was the lady
that played in Sound of Music.

So far away...
the beaches which you walk.

Yet so close...
always in our hearts.

So far away...
We cannot see your smiles,
We cannot hear your voices,
We cannot be around you.

Yet so close...
We can feel you in our hearts,
We can see you in our minds,
We can hear you in our ears.

As sure as the sun rises,
And the tides will change,
We will always love you all,
An you will always be close to our hearts.

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