Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long weekend again..

Its another long weekend here in Sweden,
we got a lot of them at spring time.
This time is Kristi Himmelsfärds dag.
So Thursday is a public holiday and the translation is
Ascension- Day.
Its a part of those days we celebrate as a Christian holiday.
People is just happy to have some time off I guess :)

The big thing that everyone is talking about here:
HM is cooperating with Matthew Williamsson
and they say its really nice clothes, I've seen some picture
and it looks like there is some things I wouldn't say no to.

I've been really good with the shopping lately, it doesn't
feel so important to me as before.
I prefer travelling instead.
I collect memories not material things.
Today is the second day without candy, im trying my best
because candy is on the toplist of things that I can't be without.



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