Friday, May 29, 2009

One of my favorite blogs

Polka Dot Bride

Its a blog with many interesting and useful advices about
weddings and engagement.
Its pretty and inspiring for all brides out there.

I found a Super Mario Wedding cake at another internet page.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We ♥ Crown Casino Melbourne

One of the most interesting places in Melbourne is Crown Casino.
If you're about to visit the city make sure you stop by the enormous CROWN CASINO with all its glory.
We love to be there, its magic and its where everything happens.
The most comfortable beds and beautiful rooms with a perfect view over Melbourne.
Exclusive shopping, Prada, Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Burberry
and luxury restaurants, Gold Class Cinema, Nightclubs and so much more.
Do I have to mention that we miss everything about Crown ...?

Have a look at Crown Casino homepage

Pictures : Ida Claesson © No copys allowed.

Below Chris talking to the lady.

Time to relax


Inside Crown Casino

In Skåneland!

It took us 5 hours to drive from Stockholm to Skåne,
we only stopped once to get some food quickly.

I went to see my best friend that I've known since
I was a little little kid, Erika!
This is a picture at us when we were young and stupid.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long drive

This is our route today.


It takes around 5 hours.
The dogs loves to be in the car, everything is ready
and Chris will pick me up after work :)

( I found this map on internet, we're not living where its marked,
You can see Stockholm up in the right corner and my family lives
down in the right corner of the map. )

Take care / Ida, Chris

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Finally its Wednesday tomorrow and
we're driving down to visit my family in south of Sweden, Skane/Blekinge

We will be very busy down there, its many people we want to visit,
specially my grandmothers/grandfathers.
They are living on one of the most beautiful places with a fantastic view over a lake.
Its so relaxing to be there. We will keep you updated while we're there
hopefully otherwise you know why its quiet from us for a couple of days.

I have to hurry up, pack all the clothes, wash, clean up, go shopping
a rock outfit for the costume party on Saturday ( More about that later),
clean the car and maybe have time to send a special present to Australia.

Have a great Tuesday. Love / Ida

Pictures from my homevillage :

My brother

Boat cruise on the lake

The beautiful forest

Me and Pauline

This amazing girl to the right will be the most beautiful bride ever.
Chris's gorgeous sister Pauline!
And like always looking at pictures like this makes me cry,
only around 5 months left until we see each other.

Pona Pona Pona.....we miss you more than words can describe...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Always party in AUS

The biggest party will be when we get back to AUS this year in Nov/ Dec..
Excited?.. Oh yes...

Good night/morning

Time for bed

Good night Sweden , Good morning Australia

Same earth, same sun...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let us show you Sweden PART 1

Its time for a guided tour around Stockholm, all you need is a computer with internet connection.
Have fun!

Part 1
Photos from a boat cruise around central Stockholm.
Djurgarden Ferries transports about 2.5 million passengers every year
and its a part of the citys public transportation system.
We enjoy the boat cruises around the inner harbour, all the old buildings and
architects and the great knowledge you get about the
city. Its a pleasure a warm summer day.

The theme park in Stockholm, Grona Lund
a very popular attraction for kids but not quiet so massive as the many Australian theme parks.
But we like to spend a day looking around in the park once in a while.
They have tasty waffles with strawberry jam and whipped cream that you can enjoy in the sunset
like you see in the picture above.

The picture above is one of Stockholm's many museum, nordiska museet,
its Sweden's largest museum of cultural history.
I will add a longer contribution only about Nordiska museet later on in the blog.

Here you can see a part of Strandvagen, a very exclusive street in Stockholm.
With very expensive rents, and important celebrities as owners.

Last picture one of the many cute ferries .

Lets hope to see you here in Sweden, perhaps at a boat cruise.

All the pictures are mine , no copy's allowed. © 2009 Ida Claesson

Chicken Parm

One of Chris favorite meals in Australia is Chicken Parm,
he's been trying to find a similar dish over here in Sweden, with no luck.

So this Friday after work he surprised me with a homemade delicious Chicken Parm with
fries and a fresh salad.

There is a good recipe here

This dish was sure worth the long preparation.
As a true Aussie would say it was " Good Tucker "

/ Chris and Ida

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crocodile Dundee

We're watching good ol' Crocodile Dundee this Saturday...
Crickey mate.

Friday evening in pictures

It was a quite friday evening for me and the doggies.
Chris went out to a club in the city with friends from work.
We had a very nice and relaxed evening.
Our friday evening :

the tea is from mums shop, and the honey is from my grandmothers,
the best honey, homemade.

The teddy is from Chris grandmother, it still smells like chocolate,
our very special chocolate bunny.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The country with DANGEROUS animals

Many people think of all the dangerous animals
that live in Australia when you mention the country.
I remember the first time when me and my cousin did our
very very first trip to the land down under. It was in 2006 and we went for
a six months long backpack trip to Australia.
We were very scared but excited about the trip.
Everyone kept telling us about the dangers about Australia.
It was phrases like :

" shake your shoes otherwise you will get
spiders in them, and don't forget to do it EVERY morning"

" please don't go in the bush, If you do make sure you wear high boots"

" are you sure you want to travel to Australia
what about all the dangerous animals, they can kill you and
they are everywhere. "

" you won't even be able to sleep I heard they have a lot
of spiders in their houses, what if they climb on you when you'r sleeping. "

and so on ....

okey this made us both so much more interested if this really was the truth.
We were soon able to find out that it wasn't true at all.

Okey Australia have some of the world's most painful and poisonous creatures and
of the top ten most deadliest snakes of the world, Australia has six from the list.
The list of dangerous animals :

(klick on the word to see information about the animals )

1. The Box Jellyfish
2. Irukandji (A Jellyfish)
Salt Water Crocodile
Blue Ring Octopus
Stone Fish
Red Back Spider
Brown Snake
Tiger Snake
Great White Shark
Funnel Web Spider

But its not as people think and describe it. I saw one spider inside a house, a really small one.
And not one snake on my first Australia backpack trip, oh yeah some in the Zoo.

Second time I was there I saw one dead snake on the road, it looks real so its a good photo to show friends, look here. haha.

And Chris was looking around for a very long time and finally he found a redback just so I could say that I saw one.

The second snake I saw was when me Pauline and Dora were on our way home from brunch at the Olive House , outside Shepparton.
It was crawling around in the city trying to find its way to the bush.

I was living in Australia for almost a year that time but didn't see more snakes or spiders.
In the beginning it was scary to go for walks by my self with the dogs in Chris family's fruit farms but after a while I had no thoughts about snakes anymore at my walks.

Well I actually saw one big ugly spider when me and my cousin were backpacking and was on a tour trip at Fraser Island, Queensland. It was late at night and we were camping out in the bush, when we went to the crappy toilets we saw one big hairy SPIDER under the sink.

But that was in the rain forest !

So my advice to everyone thats sitting at home and are scared of all
the dangerous creatures in Australia , GO GO GO!

And some last words :
No worries, mate!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just have to show you all my Zebra leggings !!!


OMG watch this video and try to not laugh.

Its mainly the girl that you have to listen to.
Hahahaha...its filmed not long ago at Kings Cross , Sydney.

Winner - Norway

Good morning SWEDEN and good evening AUSTRALIA ..
I can report that its a sunny and what it feels from inside warm day
I will soon find out.

I want to show you in Australia the winner of Eurovision Song Contest
this year. It was on tv last weekend.
I like this song its different with a cool text.
He got 12 points ( the highest ) from almost every European
country. So he set the record of most points in Eurovision history

Here he is :

Listen to the song and judge yourself :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sushi time

Ida knew nothing at all about Sushi until one day I took her out for dinner to my favorite Sushi restaurant in Surfers Paradise. She didn't want to try it and I told her she didnt know what she was missin out on.. Toooooo bad for her ;-)
Finally she tried it in Stockholm city for the first time, she thought it was ok the first time. But now every time I ask her whats for dinner she replies to me with a big smile,,,,,hehehe Sushi...

Long weekend again..

Its another long weekend here in Sweden,
we got a lot of them at spring time.
This time is Kristi Himmelsfärds dag.
So Thursday is a public holiday and the translation is
Ascension- Day.
Its a part of those days we celebrate as a Christian holiday.
People is just happy to have some time off I guess :)

The big thing that everyone is talking about here:
HM is cooperating with Matthew Williamsson
and they say its really nice clothes, I've seen some picture
and it looks like there is some things I wouldn't say no to.

I've been really good with the shopping lately, it doesn't
feel so important to me as before.
I prefer travelling instead.
I collect memories not material things.
Today is the second day without candy, im trying my best
because candy is on the toplist of things that I can't be without.