Friday, May 01, 2009

Valborgsmassoafton / Walpurgis night

We celebrated Valborgsmassoafton in Sweden yesterday,
and its a long weekend with friday as a public holiday.
We celebrate the spring and lit big bonfires
with the family and many get together on public arranged events.
Its also popular to sing spring songs.
The winter is finally over!
If you want to read more about Walpurgis night and the history around it
have a look here.

This is some pictures from our quite and relaxed Valborg (yesterday)

Photos on this page: Ida Claesson © COPYRIGHT


  1. haha valborgsmässoafton.. I tried to explain that tradition to my teacher here in Australia, but it didnt go very well.. pretty hard to explain the fun part about watching a big fire :-P

  2. walpurgis night, bara namnet, i guess people think we are a bit crazy hey :)