Sunday, May 10, 2009

7 months to Beach 2009

Okey we have 7 months to Aussie BEACH 2009,
the only beach that matters.
Its around 2 months to SWEDISH BEACH 2009,
but its Aussie beach we have to concentrate on.
Thats where it really matters, that's were you
actually go to the beach, its often to cold
for that even if its summer in Sweden.
The water needs to be warm !

When we lived in Australia we went for
a nightswim in Chris familys pool very often.
Around 11 or 12 midnight and it was still warm!
It was mainly me Dora and Pona. Chris and John
stayed inside near the airconditioner with a cold beer and
soccer on tv :)

You might see one of these when you're going for a swim in the ocean:)

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