Monday, November 05, 2012

I miss Australia!

Just want to jump on the next plane and go visit everyone. I'm in a stage now when I miss Australia a lot and everyday I think about different options when we can travel back for a visit.  Right now I don't have a really good plan but it's in my mind everyday. I get a lot of flashbacks with memories from Australia everyday and tonight I started to look true our photos from our time there. Millions. Well time will come when we will spend more time there. Maybe even move back to Australia one day. Who knows only time will tell. Sorry the photos is in a weird order but it's just so hard moving them around for some reason. Time to relax and give the internet cord to my brother :) Monday evening here in Sweden and Chris is still working. Lot's of overtime this week, he's strong :) Think I'm going to go for a walk with the dogs. Take care!

Lot's of swimming in Australia when it's summer. 

Lubas Pavlova cake. She's the best at making Pav yum :)

Chris fishing at the river. He loves it.


This is where Chris grew up

 Cheeky kids

I'm getting ready for Paulines wedding.

Feels like a long time ago. I had brown hair. Should go back to that :)

Crown, miss this so much.

Chris with Melbourne in the back.

Nice view of the Victorian mountains. 


  1. Tänk, jag läser ditt inlägg och känner precis likadant - fast jag saknar Sverige istället! Åh detta saknande och längtande som man får dras med sen man började resa... Alltid är det någon eller något man saknar!

  2. Ja visst är det jobbigt! Detta eviga längtande, är man här saknar man Australien och är man i Australien saknar man Sverige. Så det är som du säger ALLTID något man saknar. Tur det finns flera i samma situation så man inte känner sig så ensam!

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