Saturday, December 08, 2012

Our Saturday!

It's been beautiful winter weather today with lots of more fresh snow! We went to visit mum at a Christmas market, she's there this weekend with products from her shop. We had some delicious cakes! The make so good homemade cakes there. Then we went for a long walk with the dogs and I actually had my Canon 50d with me. Don't know when that happened last. It was fun! And the doggies had lots of fun to in the snow! The ran and ran and ran! Good exercise for them. Then we went to a friend to help out with some stuff and now we're home ready for a relaxing Saturday evening. Oh we went to dad's today also and helped them decorate their Christmas tree :) Now we're ready to just relax and watch a good movie.

Absolutely loving this weather that we got here right now! It was freezing on our walk today! Our hands were frozen when we got back to the car :) They said it will keep snowing heaps tomorrow and Monday and maybe a snowstorm on Sunday/Monday night! Here's some snowy photos from our walk today! 

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