Sunday, September 05, 2010

Aussie friends in Stockholm

We went in to the city yesterday to meet a new friend from Australia and his Swedish girlfriend. Chris meet him at Sonisphere preparty in Kungstradgarden. He was working in the bar and Chris was going to order. Well you just can't miss the aussie accent so they started to talk to each other and got really surprised that they bumped into another Aussie in Sweden just like that. That's pretty cool. It was good to catch up with some aussies yesterday. BBQ, footy and crazy stories.

Chris got a really good page where you can watch all sports channels from Australia, broadcasted live. Now he's watching the AFL finals. The only bad thing is that he has to get up really early to watch it.

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  1. Ohh what's the page? We haven't been able to find a good one and Simon is shattered! :)