Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Surfing Australia

Our apartment is full of stuff from Australia. Photos, postcards, books, paintings, Aussie clothes, Aussie food like Vegemite and Skittles, Dogs from Australia (haha) and so much more. I will show some of our Aussie stuff we got at home here in the blog.

Picture : Two beautiful photos from Australia and my Pandora leather bracelet that I always wear. It's from C's mum :)

C was surfing a lot up in Queensland until something really scary happend. He was out with a friend surfing somewhere around Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise. Something went wrong and he came underneith a big wave. He can't remember anything from the accident just when he woke up at the beach. It was packed with people around him. So so scary! Don't know if he will ever surf again, better for me :)

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