Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shopping in Melbourne

It was a really warm day in Melbourne yesterday, 38 C.
Lucky we were in the shops all day, aircondition is much needed here right now.
Shopping : A dress from Armani, a bag from Kookai, 2 lovely necklaces, a tshirt from Armani to Chris and some other small stuff.

Det var en lyckad shopping dag i Melbourne igar.
Valdigt varmt men alla butiker har ju aircondition och det var i dem vi var
hela langa dagen.
Det blev en klanning fran Armani till helgens festligheter, 2 jatte fina halsband,
troja till Chris fran Armani, vaska fran Kookai och lite annat smatt och gott.

Pic 1 : Melbourne ahead
Pic 2 : Sunny day in Melbourne
Pic 3-5 : Shopping Louis Vuitton at Crown Casino
Pic : Me heading to the shops in the city.

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