Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Farm tour with Foffa

Welcome to Foffa's Farm tour.
Today Foffa will show you and exclusive tour
around his fruitfarms.

Name : Alexander ( Chris's cousin)
Nickname : Foffa
Age : 5
Occupation : To be Cheeky
Born : Shepparton, Australia.
On my farm : Apples, Pears, Apricots, Peaches, Plums and many more sorts of stonefruits.

- Let the tour begin!

- Here's some of our pears. We sell them to the supermarkets and other Asian countrys.
They are not ready to be picked until end of January. We get people from all over the world to pick the fruit from the trees.

- The look says it all. I was born to be cheeky.

- All the bins are ready for the fruit to be picked and then stored in the coolrooms in our big shed.

- Whaaat was that ? What just happend ? Oohooo

- NO we just fell in the drain. Quick follow me to the shed we have to get my brother James to pull us out with the tractor.

- Lucky he was nearby so he could help us straight away.

- James to the rescue. Now where ready to go back to the house for a swim in the pool. Because it's so warm outside.

- Time for a dip in my pool after a hard day at work on the farm.

- I hope you enjoyed my tour around our farms. I have lots more to show you another day.
   See you later mate!

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