Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fishing Ceduna, Australia

If you like fishing, Ceduna in Australia is
a paradise for you.

Chris took me for a long long roadtrip all the way from Melbourne
to Ceduna ( half way cross Australia ) and there was so much to watch and discover on the way. It takes around 9 hours to drive from Melbourne to Adelaide.
We stayed one night in Adelaide (more about that later ) and then we kept driving to Ceduna around 7 hours from Adelaide.

Ceduna is a small town in the West coast region of South Australia.
It's only 2304 people living there and it's a true paradise with the beaches around the town and all the sandy coves and sheltered bays. It's also called the oyster capital of Australia.

We went fishing for crabs one night and had a big shark as a visitor nearby.
That was really scary and we couldn't believe what just happened.
But we were lucky that night :)

Chris called his old friend from Ceduna so he could take us out the the right fishing spots, them ones that only the locals knows about.

Ceduna is far far out in the bushland and not many towns are out there, the nearest town
west of Ceduna is 1200 km away and to the east 480 km away is Port Augusta.
If you want to see the outback this is a really interesting drive to take. It will take your breath away! You really wonder how it's possible to live so far out in the outback, and I promise that you will see all the animals that you want to see on your Australian holiday.
Snakes, spiders, sharks, whales, kangaroos, koalas you name it :)

The local fish species in Ceduna is King George Whiting, Snapper, Garfish, Salmon,
Prawns, Lobsters (Crayfish) and Blue Swimmer Crabs.

For more information about Ceduna press here

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  1. Hejsan Ida!
    Roligt att läsa om livet i Australien!
    Man blir ju inte lite sugen precis på att dra dit =)!
    Hälsa Chris också och säg till han att han inte glömmer att köpa fotbollskor till hans debut här i Näsum.

    Ha de bra!
    Puss och kram Kristoffer (Sås)