Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We went to New Zealand, me and Frida, and what
a trip that was!
NZ is just magical!
You have to visit the country if your going to Australia!!
It takes around five hours with plane from Melbourne and it's not to expensive.

We did something in NZ that we both are very proud of,


From the bridge outside Queenstown, the adventure city of NZ!

I was so scared, what a challenge!

This is exactly what we did!

The Kawarau is the only Bungy in Queenstown where you can choose to bob above the water, touch it, or be fully immersed. Well we did the last one, even if we didn't want to.

" Oh no you two can't decide what to do, you girls are from Sweden! Sorry! "

Alright! :)

Visit AJ Hackett Bungy webside here

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