Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's Tuesday evening here in Sweden and Chris just got back from soccer training.
It get´s dark earlier outside now, but I really like it. Call me crazy but I can't wait for real autumn and then winter. Really cozy to have the house full of candles and just relax inside!
We miss Australia heaps and hopefully we can go back to visit family and friends very soon ;)
It's grand final week for AFL (Australian Footy) on Saturday and I know Chris would do anything to be there at the ground on Saturday, but now he's planning on getting up early Saturday morning. The game starts at 6am and he's planning a big Aussie breakfast for the game. I'll try to wake up and watch it with him. It's his team playing in the final so it's a very important game! Hawthorne Vs Sydney! His dad has tickets to the game! So lucky and So exciting! Go Hawks! :)

My Australian husband! Proud of the Aussie flag :) 

Carn the Mighty Hawks

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