Friday, June 05, 2009

Romantic place in Australia

When me and Chris lived in Queensland, Surfers Paradise
we took a trip down to Byron Bay. We were driving for 1 hour but it
was so much to watch on the way down so it felt like it was a quick drive.
Byron Bay is a lovely little town with amazing beaches and cute , spiritual, unique shops.
Its a town with a lot of spiritual activities such as yoga, astrology, health and healing,
alternative medicine. Its a free and relaxed small town in New South Wales
For more information visit Byron Bay Page
Byron Bays average summer temperature is 21 C -28 C and average winter temperatures of 15 C - 21 C , that's what I would call a very nice winter!

We went up to the Cape Byron Lighthouse and watched the sunset together.
It was magic, special and so very very romantic. The view was amazing and
together with the love of your life it can't really be any better.

So visit this wonderful little town with your love if you are nearby.

/ Chris and Ida

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  1. Jo vi har varmt i Turkiet nu. Tack för kommentaren. Härlig film, fin strand där. Mvh Sofie