Monday, June 08, 2009


I still remember it like yesterday the day when I saw the first
kangaroo in real life along Hume freeway
somewhere between Shepparton and Melbourne.
My very first backpack trip to Australia with my cousin and
everything was new for us, totally different to our little country
up in the north.
I was in the mysterious land down under.

Well it was quiet a moment even for Chris.
I was excited.
Excited about finally being in a
country so far far away, one of my biggest dreams was to travel to Australia - it wasn't a dream anymore,and in all that
happiness that I felt when I was about to see Melbourne for the first time,
the sun was shining,
it was a cheerful song on the radio, beautiful scenery, can you see it ?
It was a overwhelming moment.
I slowly looked to the left, at the dried croplands, I couldn't believe what I just saw,
three big kangaroos hopping along the road in the same direction as us.
I started to scream, look there look there, CHRIIIIIS! Kangarooooooos.
Wiiiiii . Pointing outside at the cute kangaroos.

- (CHRIS)Oh Boomers, we kill them and eat the meat, we ate it at the barbie yesterday, remember ? That red meat that you liked so much.


-(CHRIS) hahaha NO Ida I'm just kidding, crazy European tourists, hahaha

That trip was very special and something I never ever forget...

Did you know that

- The great red Kangaroo
males may be over 210 cm tall
and weigh over 90 kg.

- The comfortable hopping speed for Red Kangaroo is about 20-25 km /h,
but the can reach a speed of 70km/h and they can sustain a speed of 40km/h
for nearly 2 km.

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