Monday, October 12, 2009

Waiting...waiting..still waiting

We are waiting for the migration officer to reply and give
us the answer if Chris got his Swedish Visa (partner visa, residence permit ) or not.
It takes long time from start to finish and I'm watching my inbox around 10 times
a day just to see if he sent any decision to us.
We went to the migration office in Solna to have our interview
with Milot, our contact person at Migrationsverket. 
The questions where about things in our apartment, our relationship,
family and our plans for the future.

some examples :

* What colour is your bed sheets ?
* What colour is your vacuum cleaner ?
* Tell me about Chris's / Ida's family ?
* What colour and brand is your car ?
* How did you get here today ?
* Who's cooking the food at home ?
* What are you going to do today after this meeting ?
* Which bank are you using ?
* What's the location of your grocery store  ?

Chris's answer on the last one was :
-Coop Forum, Vast...West...Vest
aah don't remember the name it's where the helicopter robbery was..hehe.
- Haha okey you mean Vastberga, yeah it became quite famous now.

Love Love Love! Sometimes very complicated when your partner is from
the other side of the world...

Hopefully we'll have the answer very soon! 

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