Friday, April 24, 2009

Late friday night

Long time ago since I updated,
it feels like I'm loosing a lot of my English
now when were back in Sweden.
We still talk English to each other but
when we lived in Australia it was everywhere, of course,
which is really great then you learn more and more.
So sorry for my bad English, I will start to read books
with English text so I can keep it up to date.

We've been working today and Chris is really satisfied
with his new job, he starts 7am
so he have to wake up really early.
But its Saturday tomorrow
and that means sleep in !

Everything feels so good in this new apartment and
I will add pictures very very soon! We have 5 min walk to
the ocean with beautiful big cliffs and forest. So its great for the dogs.

These animals are running around outside our apartment.

We're missing everyone in AUSTRALIA and it hurts so much
that its so far away , you're all in our thoughts every second of the day.
But we will be back in a few months and its going to be lovely!
I wish it was closer and i also wish it was a SHORT FLIGHT.
But if they just hurry up with the new Hypersonic airliner we will be
able to travel to Australia in under five hours.

Thats the future my dear friends!

Click HERE to read more about this new super plane

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